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Dudley the Dodo

In the world of imagination, Dudley the Dodo is playing hide and seek with his best friend, a rainbow-coloured dinosaur called Burt.

As Dudley searches for the perfect place to hide, we play along in this fun, interactive, silly little adventure and meet a few new friends along the way.

The attempted demise of Augusta Walsh age 15 years, 4 months, and 6 days



Augusta Walsh is invisible.
And so is the battle she has every day to make her life matter to another human being. Should she embrace the darkness growing inside her, or try and find another way to find peace? This is her story.

Fifteen-year-old Augusta Walsh has been told to keep a diary. In it, she tells us her every thought, and what evolves is an honest account of what life is like for a teenager in the modern world. This coming-of-age story follows her spiral through identity, relationships, sexuality, self-worth, peer pressure, body issues, social media, and her stress and fears. All building into a dramatic climax.
Will desolation overpower her, or can friends and loved ones help Augusta see the light and save her before it's too late?


Isolation Tales

ISBN-13 : 979-8644550210

In 2020, the world suffered a global health crisis unlike anything else any of us had ever seen. As well as bringing fear, the contagion brought unity and solidarity within countries and whole nations came together. This compilation of short stories covers several aspects of the potentially deadly infection and humankind at this time. An eclectic mix of uplifting, moving, funny and thought-provoking tales reveals different perspectives of this period. Inspired by real accounts and interviews, this collection includes stories of keyworkers, children, supermarket panic buyers, stay at home mums, even the disease itself among others. It provides a well-rounded experience of this memorable chapter and the unmistakable spirit of the human race. All profits from sales of this book are being donated to the National Health Service in the UK.

The Collection

ISBN-13 : 979-8580821221

Highly anticipated, The Collection brings together for the first time a treasury of work by Cornish author, Melanie Stephens. Known for her relatable storytelling and compelling writing style, this anthology features 75 stories, poems, and articles personally chosen and arranged by the author herself. This selection includes several pieces of brand-new work never seen before, exclusive to this publication. According to the author, this is her most definitive showcase to date and encompasses personal experiences amongst a varied display of works that shaped the writer she is today. Featuring talked-about favourites such as ‘Stolen Moment’, ‘Woman’, and ‘Be Careful what you Search For’, the pieces range from laugh-out-loud funny to thrilling, tear-jerking and thought-provoking. This edition of the collection also features introductions and photographs from the author's personal collection to accompany the works.​

The Collection: Special Edition

ISBN-13 : 979-8580929255

A message from the author:

"The thought process behind The Collection was I wanted it to show the journey I have been on as a writer and to also be a depiction of me. Inside my head, I visualised everything as colour. As an artistic piece, I needed to offer my readers this option so they could fully experience my creation as originally intended. Sort of like a Director's Cut of a film.

It is a book I am incredibly proud of as it undeniably offers something for any fan of literature, from sci-fi to thrillers to poetry, love and magazines, amongst many others.

In this edition, everything is in full colour, and the finish and quality of the pages are superb. I see this as a luxury item, but to show my audience I am genuine when I say this is purely an artistic decision, I do not collect any royalties from any sales of the Special Edition whatsoever. And I have made the price as low as the publishing house would allow- down to the last penny! I hope if you buy one or a copy of any of my books, you will enjoy it, and I thank you for choosing my work and imagination as a way to spend your valuable time. Happy reading!"

Murder at Black House

Four days before Christmas, Inspector Chris Kringle gets the call that eligible playboy bachelor Dr John Waddington-Black has been brutally murdered at the notoriously mysterious House of Black.

There are six suspects staying at the house; Professor Peter Plum, Colonel Malcolm Mustard, Miss Penelope Peacock, Reverend Gideon Green, his wife Mrs Willa White-Green, and Miss Sienna Scarlett. Each guest has a connection to the victim, and all have motivation to kill.

As secrets are revealed, the case takes unexpected turns, can Kringle solve the case before it's too late?

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