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Dudley the Dodo



 If you are in a school or Early Years setting then you can book an Author visit to talk and read to pupils. Simply click on the link and get in touch. 


In the world of imagination, Dudley the Dodo is playing hide and seek with his best friend, Burt, a rainbow-coloured dinosaur.
As Dudley searches for a perfect place to hide, we play along in this fun, interactive, silly little adventure and meet a few new friends along the way.


Dudley is the perfect story to share. Children will love Dudley's clumsy, dopey nature.


Four days before Christmas, Inspector Chris Kringle gets the call that eligible playboy bachelor Dr John Waddington-Black has been brutally murdered at the notoriously mysterious House of Black.

There are six suspects staying at the house; Professor Peter Plum, Colonel Malcolm Mustard, Miss Penelope Peacock, Reverend Gideon Green, his wife Mrs Willa White-Green, and Miss Sienna Scarlett. Each guest has a connection to the victim, and all have motivation to kill.

As secrets are revealed, the case takes unexpected turns, can Kringle solve the case before it's too late?



Augusta Walsh is invisible.
And so is the battle she has every day to make her life matter to another human being. Should she embrace the darkness growing inside her, or try and find another way to find peace? This is her story.

Fifteen-year-old Augusta Walsh has been told to keep a diary. In it, she tells us her every thought, and what evolves is an honest account of what life is like for a teenager in the modern world. This coming-of-age story follows her spiral through identity, relationships, sexuality, self-worth, peer pressure, body issues, social media, and her stress and fears. All building into a dramatic climax.
Will desolation overpower her, or can friends and loved ones help Augusta see the light and save her before it's too late?

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